Launch of TI Australia Student Hang Out Blog Site

Following on from the success of TI Australia’s Online Student Revision Tutorials last year, as well as the success of this blog site, TI Australia has launched another blog specifically for Australian students using TI technology. Named the TI Australia Student Hang Out, it can be found at: . It contains links for students to register for upcoming tutorial events (as have also been notified in this blog) as well as direct links to recordings of past exam preparation tutorials and instructional videos for students.

Tutorials are presented by T-Cubed Instructors who are teaching the associated courses. It’s a wonderful thing that these highly skilled teachers can share their expertise with students beyond just their own classrooms. Just in the past week, the “Get ahead of the Game” online tutorial series has reached hundreds of students, with those attending the live events actively utilising the question/answer and chat facilities.CL20737-Sparkette_TI-nspire CXII_CAS_left_300

Students have expressed gratitude in the post-event feedback surveys and suggestions from them and their teachers have been helpful in setting direction for what next to include in this program. If you have ideas for further development, please enter them in the comments section here. Of course, students are also encouraged to utilise their Hang Out blog to share comments, recommendations and ideas.

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