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Have your students connect and learn together in the classroom or remotely to take a bite out of this exciting challenge!

This multi-staged coding contest will challenge Year 7-10 students to develop their STEM problem-solving, design and coding skills in order to design and build a product that automates or optimises a process or product related to food.

TI Codes Contest is free to enter and the perfect challenge that is sure to set minds racing and creativity soaring. No coding experience is required!

Watch this short video created by T3 Instructor Jody Crothers from Ridge View Secondary College in WA , as he outlines why your students should be part of this amazing contest.
Prizes for both your school and for each team member. article image
Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 teams!

Grand Prize- 1st place
The grand prize winning team- determined by a public vote- will receive the following Each Team member and Teacher Mentor will receive a TI Graphing Calculator of his or her choice along with a Gold Medal and Certificate
For their school a pack of 3 x TI-Innovator™ Rovers, 3 x TI-Innovator™ Hub and 3 x TI Graphing Calculators.
How to enter
To enter the contest each team is required to get creative, use their imaginations and submit a written proposal outlining the food-related process they want to improve, automate or invent!

Teams are made up of 2-4 students and a Teacher Mentor.

There is no limit to how many teams a school or mentor can submit!

A panel of judges will determine which teams move on to the next round. As teams advance, they start using coding to build their proposed design – using TI Technology that will be provided on loan from TI Australia – and showcase it in a video. The public will then vote on their favourite video which will be the grand prize winner.

The Deadline to enter is 25th September 2020 at 03:00 p.m. (AEST).

For more information and to enter the contest click here →

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